The Interrupters – Fight The Good Fight

The Interrupters - Fight The Good FightSka punk is a genre that is often accused (and often rightly so) of being same-y and derivative, but, every now and then a band comes along that captures something special in that sound.

That’s just what Rancid leader Tim Armstrong’s latest protégés, The Interrupters, did on their second album Say It Out Loud, and now with the release of their third, Fight The Good Fight, it’s a trend they continue.

Continuing strongly with the themes and sounds of their previous release, Fight The Good Fight begins in typically positive and empowering fashion, a notion that marks the album as a whole.

While some branches of punk are nihilistic and some are polemically political, ska punk often feels like it takes a more proactive stance and The Interrupters capture that brilliantly here.

Opening track Title Holder is a fine example of this, urging the listener to stand up and fight for what they believe in, setting the tone well.

The Interrupters
The Interrupters

Leap Of Faith adds a thick dose of The Specials’ Ghost Town style vibes before Got Each Other makes the band’s link to their musical forefathers explicit as it features them joining forces with Rancid on a modern, more Californian and progressive, take on something a kin to Sham 69’s If The Kids Are United.

As the album nears its conclusion the band show that for all the ska they can certainly bring a more straight up punk sound too, particularly on closer Room With A View that, even if it has a melancholy undertone, still retains the album’s overall positive outlook.

In terms of the sound the band’s producer/collaborator Tim Timebomb (aka Armstrong) helps The Interrupters continue where their second record left off with a deeper and richer sonic landscape that never goes as far as being over produced and maintains a real and gritty feel in a great sounding package.

the interrupters recording 2017
The Interrupters in the studio with Tim Armstrong and Brett Gurewitz

As a whole Fight The Good Fight combines the best of the street level world view The Interrupters have always shown with an even more complete sound.

This is added to a sense of honesty and realness that spans subjects from the clearly personal to the more broadly political in a way that makes it at least the equal of Say It Out Loud and a highlight of new albums in any genre so far this year.

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