1000 Posts Later…

First-1000-blogs-montageA little over six years ago I started this blog as a place to archive some of the freelance writing I was doing for different magazines and newspapers, as well a seeing a place for original articles and entries related to my radio work.

Now, as I hit 1000 posts, I thought I’d take a look back at what have been some of the most read entires.

Before I get into things too much there are a few posts that have been regulars each year that have been highly read. These have been the posts about music festivals in Guernsey including several Chaos weekends, Sark Folk Festivals, Vale Earth Fairs and a few standalone events.

I wasn’t sure how best to break this down I figured a reasonable way would be to highlight the most read two or three from each year first and then highlight a few personal favourites not included in that after, so, without further ado…


As I started the blog I wasn’t sure (and to be honest I’m still not) how much interest my articles and reviews would get but, as I featured a range of new releases and classic films and music, along with local events in Guernsey, there seemed to be an appetite.

The most read film review of the blog’s first year was slightly unexpected as I took a look at Dario Argento’s ‘giallo’ horror masterpiece, Suspiria.

Echoing this slightly the most read music post of that year also came with a horror element, psychobilly veterans Demented Are Go’s then new record, Welcome Back To Insanity Hall.

On a Guernsey Music level, away from the festivals, two highlights that still stick in the memory were the launch of Tantale’s debut album The Known Elements and ‘Three Quid Thursday‘ that saw Heave, Lifejacket and Brutus Stonefist play a blinder at The Fermain Tavern.


The most read blogs of 2013 were again a surprise (I see this becoming a trend) with Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Cold Fact by Rodriguez topping the list.

2013 though also saw the first of a run of reviews of records featuring Ginger Wildheart doing well.

And in music in the islands there was Wilko Johnson’s two night residency at The Fermain Tavern, the final show for Teaspoonriverneck and the first Fermain Fest.


Not only was 2014 the most successful year of the blog to date (by a slim margin) but also a year that music in Guernsey and the islands seemed to be at the top of the lists with The Ukuladeez album launch and live music at Castle Cornet and on Liberation topping the list.

Away from that my review of the ill-fated 2006 remake of The Wicker Man (the one with the bees) and wrestling compilation DVD My Name Is Paul Heyman were sitting high.


Mura Masa2015 was the year when Guernsey born musician and producer Mura Masa began to find his feet so my interview with him was an unsurprising highlight.

It was also the year I headed to my first live wrestling show in well over a decade, seeing WWE’s Monday Night Raw TV show at the O2 arena.

In Guernsey based things highlights came with the return of Gay Army alongside Ray & The Guns at The Vault and The Recks and Buffalo Huddleston at The North Show.


Laura Jane Grace (and Atom Willard) of Against Me!
Laura Jane Grace (and Atom Willard)

2016 featured the blogs most succesful single day to date, thanks in large part it seems to a review of Ginger Wildheart and Ryan Hamilton’s rather fabulous single Fuck You Brain.

Along with that the year saw the first Pride event in Guernsey as well as visits to the UK for both wrestling in NXT and music from Against Me!

Also my review of a show at The Fermain Tavern got a lot of traffic but not necessarily for the most positive of reasons.


Pride of Guernsey medal2017 saw Guernsey Gigs relaunch themselves in earnest with a series of events including their now regular jam nights.

Mura Masa is back following the release of his debut full length album and, closer to home, there was new talent from the debut EP of Track Not Found.

The year also saw me pick up a Pride of Guernsey award for the support of the arts (particularly music in Guernsey) and Ginger Wildheart was back with a new record from his Mutation project.


Ilja Dragunov and Travis Banks
Dragunov and Banks in a champion vs champion chop battle

And so up to this year, and the top posts from the last few months.

The Recks debut album The Beast From Sea, only published in the last few weeks, already is near the top along with a show I went to in London earlier in the year from punk veterans The Damned.

Young music from Guernsey is in there with Sound Guernsey’s The Young Ones events while Hollywood came to the island (sort of) with The Guernsey Literary And Potato Peel Pie Society.

And I’ve also made a more concerted effort to get to more live wrestling events so there’s a couple of those too

So that’s a fairly random selection from my first thousand posts, wonder if I’ll make it to 2000!

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