The Surfin’ Birds – All My Dreams

The Surfin' Birds - All My Dreams album coverA couple of years ago Weymouth band The Surfin’ Birds released a debut album that revelled in a love of 60s era rock ‘n’ roll of many flavours. Now, for their second full length All My Dreams, they emerge stumbling from a fug of hookah smoke to take us on a psychedelic odyssey to the edges of Burroughs’ Interzone.

The oddly oppressive production combines with Paul Sharod’s middle eastern guitar twang on many of the tracks to present something that feels like the offspring of The Doors and The Cramps with hints of The Rolling Stones and feels somewhat like a companion piece to the recent double A-side from Brighton rockers Of Empires, as it harks back to the past but with a contemporary spin.

The guitars of Sharod and new (since the last album, anyway) rhythm guitarist, Harvey aka Slick Grief, work together brilliantly, at their best for me when they put their own spin on the style of Poison Ivy and Bryan Gregory. In places this is nicely augmented by James Weston’s organ, just adding to those 60s vibes.

The Surfin' Birds
The Surfin’ Birds

The enigmatically monikered Squidhead’s bass guitar rumbles along nicely, standing out particularly on the record’s rockier tracks, while Liam Sharod, younger brother of the frontman, remains a stand out drummer, particularly where things get more jazzy.

This jazzy side stands out on a few instrumentals that continues to highlight The Surfin’ Birds link with the ‘beat’ of Burroughs and co developing on the more straightforward approach of their previous record.

Like it’s predecessor the production is on the lo-fi side of things and at times this maybe heads into slightly too muddy territory, but it continues to demonstrate the band’s retro stylings and again gives the feeling that this should be on vinyl rather than CD or digital.

The Surfin' Birds at the Vale Earth Fair
Liam and Paul Sharod of The Surfin’ Birds

All My Dreams then presents a version of The Surfin’ Birds more developed and focussed than previously, expanding their sound into deeper psychedelic territory as much influenced by beat literature as old school rock ‘n’ roll, while hinting that, while they might be on a label called Fuelled By Cider, the scrumpy may we’ll be laced with something a little more potent down Weymouth way.


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