Ginger Wildheart and Ryan Hamilton – Fuck You Brain (single)

Ginger Wildheart and Ryan Hamilton - Fuck You Brain coverIn a nod to his well documented and ongoing battle with depression the ever prolific Ginger Wildheart has found time between touring with his own band, Hey! Hello! and The Wildhearts and recording a new Mutation album to team up with Ryan Hamilton and sneak out a single for the festive season, the subtly but suitably titled Fuck You Brain.

Available through Ginger’s Round Records Bandcamp page the three track single is raising money for the Samaritans and aiming to highlight the problems people have with depression over the holidays which, as Ginger has pointed out, can be one of the toughest times of year for those with the condition.

Belying all the preconceptions one might have of depression Ginger and Hamilton have created a short sharp dose of glam rock laced pop punk – putting the sounds of the early 1970s run through the Wildhearts filter to create something reminiscent of the Silver Ginger 5.

Ginger Wildheart
Ginger Wildheart

While both the relevance of the title and the lyrics to the song will be familiar to many fighting depression themselves, through not sugar-coating or dealing in euphemism Fuck You Brain should also act as a very direct message to those who may discredit or simply not understand how it feels.

And if that feels a little on the heavy going side its counteracted by the music which can only make you want to move and Ginger’s always impressive turn of phrase helps keep it light too.

As well as the title track the single, in an old school moment I can only appreciate, is backed by two more short sharp tracks.

Ode To The Idiots, featuring lead vocals from Hamilton, is a blazing minute of punk rock that packs in everything you could want and is reminiscent of Jim Carroll’s People Who Died.

Ryan Hamilton
Ryan Hamilton

Dogbreath on the other hand has sounds reminiscent of the instrumentals on Ginger’s own Valor Del Corazon LP, combining his usual punk-metal guitars with synthesised brass and scratching to make something truly eccentric in the way only Ginger can.

As I’ve said above the single is raising money and awareness this festive season and is available through Bandcamp for £5 though as it’s for a good cause and is a great little set of songs, the musicians (who appear for free) are asking that people feel free to pay as all proceeds will go to charity.

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