Alan Turing: The Enigma by Andrew Hodges

While I had always been generally curious about the life and work of Alan Turing the 2014 movie The Imitation Game piqued my interest and so I sought out the apparent source of that film, Andrew Hodges extensive biography, Alan Turing: The Enigma. Like Turing, Hodges is a mathematician and that is obvious throughout the book... Continue Reading →


Upon its release in 2015 Rolland Emmerich's Stonewall was pretty well critically savaged for a few reasons, now, a year later I'd thought I'd give it a go being somewhat distanced from the 'hype' and as it has appeared on Netflix. Following some fairly heavy-handed opening captions over a montage of the 1969 Stonewall riots... Continue Reading →

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Over the last 40 years it's fair to say that the galaxy of Star Wars has become something of a safe space for family friendly action adventure cinema - certainly there has been plenty of peril but in the end it's always been a good old romp of heroes overcoming villains in the most 'white... Continue Reading →


It's always a treat when the chance arises to see a film with very little foreknowledge. In that regard in a world of Marvel cookie cutter repetition and uninspiring sci-fi blockbusters Arrival made for a nice change, as all I knew going in was that it was sci-fi and it had generally favourable reviews. I... Continue Reading →

Robert J. Hunter – Where I’m From

With the release of his third album, Where I'm From, Alderney born blues artist Robert J. Hunter has reached something of a landmark moment creating a stripped back live set of semi-acoustic songs to complement the more intense blues rock of his past releases. Also featuring his now regular band mates, James Le Huray and... Continue Reading →

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