Burning At Both Ends – Self-titled

Burning At Both Ends album coverAfter less than a year together, during which they’ve made quite a name for themselves from their live shows, Burning At Both Ends have released their debut album.

Bringing original pop punk back to Guernsey’s music scene with hints of heavier things thrown in the album solidifies the band’s place as one to watch on the island’s music scene following its launch at a recent show at The Fermain Tavern.

My review was published in The Guernsey Press on Saturday 29th October 2016.

Burning At Both Ends album review scan

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2 thoughts on “Burning At Both Ends – Self-titled

  1. […] this month were Burning At Both Ends, while they were in the studio I had a chat with them about their debut album and the state of pop punk in Guernsey […]

  2. […] The real stand out of the new crop though were Burning At Both Ends who have taken the fairly well trodden pop-punk template and breathed a new life and energy into it, winning over many fans with their tight live shows and impressive debut album. […]

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