Burning At Both Ends – Self-titled

After less than a year together, during which they've made quite a name for themselves from their live shows, Burning At Both Ends have released their debut album. Bringing original pop punk back to Guernsey's music scene with hints of heavier things thrown in the album solidifies the band's place as one to watch on... Continue Reading →

My Chemical Romance – The Black Parade

10 years ago My Chemical Romance rode the crest of a wave that, for a brief moment, brought a kind of post-hardcore rock music into the mainstream amid hordes of black eyeliner sporting teens, unimpressed 'true' metallers and, predictably enough, British tabloid scaremongering about the cult of ‘emo’, as they released their arguable masterpiece, The... Continue Reading →

PUNiK – F**k Yeah!!

I first properly encountered Japanese punk four-piece PUNiK when they headlined the first night the 2016 Chaos weekend and they made an instant impression. Their debut album, Fuck Yeah!! does just the same as it delivers intense, energetic blasts of no frills punk rock in twelve tight packages. P.U.N.i.K!! starts the disc off as it... Continue Reading →

Introducing Granite Wolf

A couple of weekends ago those gathered at The Fermain Tavern were introduced to a new band with riff after riff after m-f’ing riff (to steal a phrase from The Wildhearts) - that band are the excellently named Granite Wolf. You can read my review of that show here Made up of a group of... Continue Reading →

Sherlock: The Abominable Bride

Since 2010 Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss have regularly neglected their duties on the revived Doctor Who to revive another great figure of British popular culture, Sherlock Holmes, creating three series of genuine crossover event television (I had a look at series two here). At Christmas 2015 this reached something of a cross roads with... Continue Reading →

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