Lord Vapour – Mill Street Blues

Lord Vapour - Mill Street Blues coverHaving taken Guernsey’s live music by storm over the past 12 months, including show stealing sets at Chaos 2015 and while supporting The Recks at The Fermain Tavern, stoner rock three-piece Lord Vapour headed into the studio over the winter to record their debut, Mill Street Blues.

Released through NoSlip Records there is a vinyl edition to come when the pressing plants catch up on the recent resurgence of the format, but in the meantime there’s a digital version available through Bandcamp.

My review of the record was published in the Guernsey Press on Saturday 25th June 2016, you can read it below…

Lord Vapour album review

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2 thoughts on “Lord Vapour – Mill Street Blues

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  2. […] released this year with Space Pirates of Rocquaine’s Vraic & Roll, Lord Vapour’s Mill Street Blues, Brunt’s Blackbeard and the aforementioned Burning At Both Ends all standing out, but it was […]

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