Live Music on Liberation Day – 09/05/16

Every year on 9th May the island of Guernsey comes together to celebrate the island's liberation from occupying Nazi forces in 1945. A big part of these celebrations has become the live music that takes place around the island in pretty much any venue capable of hosting it. For the 2016 Liberation Day I headed into... Continue Reading →

Songs And Words – Ginger Wildheart (DVD)

A couple of years ago Ginger Wildheart announced a new campaign via his now well established channel on Pledgemusic to write and release a book tracing the story of his career song by song, Songs & Words. As seems to have become customary with these things the project expanded from a simple autobiographical book to... Continue Reading →


16 years ago, in the wake of Blade, the first bona-fide Marvel comics based blockbuster movie hit the screens in the form of director Bryan Singer’s version of X-Men. Since then the franchise has gone on to become a long series of sequels (some good; X-Men 2, First Class, Days of Future Past, Deadpool – some less... Continue Reading →

CJ Wildheart – Robot

Over the last few years many of the musicians and artists who have, over the years, been associated with Ginger Wildheart have made something of a microcosm of the music industry through the crowdfunding system of Pledgemusic. One of the latest to come out of this is from Wildhearts’ axe-man CJ continuing on from his... Continue Reading →

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