BBC Introducing Guernsey on BBC Radio 1 – February 2016

Of Empires, Last of the Light Brigade, Honest Crooks, Robyn Sherwell, Buffalo Huddleston and Mura MasaHaving spent the best part of the last two decades in some way featuring on BBC Radio Guernsey (as well as brief forays into hospital, student and Welsh commercial community radio) the idea of hearing not only my own voice, but also songs from bands and musicians I have been championing for the last ten years, on BBC Radio 1 remains somehow astonishing.

Following on from last year’s spots on the national network, BBC Introducing Guernsey was once again given the opportunity to select six tracks from island artists to feature as part of Huw Stephens’ show in the week of 15th February 2016.

Choosing only six artists was hugely challenging, but, with Guernsey born performers named in the BBC Sound of 2016 list and playing the BBC Introducing Stage at Glastonbury Festival last year that was two down, Mura Masa and Robyn Sherwell.

From there I picked a band who have moved off island and begun to make ripples they hope to turn into waves, in Of Empires, and the band who over last couple of years have drawn some of the biggest live audiences to their gigs on the island, Buffalo Huddleston.

They then chose a few bands each with two making it onto Huw’s show, so from Of Empires list of choices, Last of the Light Brigade made an appearance and Buffalo Huddleston’s pick was Honest Crooks (the bands’ other choices being Thee Jenerators, Joe Corbin, Tantale and Wondergeist).

The shows are available for the next few weeks from the publication of this blog on the BBC iPlayer (links below) and all appear around two hours and 15 minutes into the show.

Monday 15th February

Click here to listen

Tuesday 16th February

Click here to listen

Wednesday 17th February

Click here to listen

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