Expectation is a curious thing and, with more than half a century under its belt, the James Bond series of films is one that brings more than almost any other with it. For Spectre, Daniel Craig’s fourth outing and Sam Mendes second as director, this was compounded by following up probably the most widely positively... Continue Reading →


Only a week after its release, watching the latest offering from the X-Men line of Marvel movies, Deadpool, comes with a surprising amount of baggage. First there's the hugely positive response it's received from movie-goers (with a few exceptions), and secondly the fact that, apparently against all expectations, the 15 rated (R in the U.S.)... Continue Reading →

Mad Max: Fury Road

A few years ago I put my long-held (and it turned out perfectly well founded) Mel Gibson prejudice to one side to experience the original Mad Max trilogy as part of a brief, if very interesting, look into Ozploitation. What I found there were three generally enjoyable action/road movies with grand ideas, not quite such... Continue Reading →

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