BBC Introducing Guernsey: November 2015 – To The Woods, Tantale and Sound Guernsey

To The Woods
To The Woods

Click here to listen to the show

For the November 2015 edition of the BBC Introducing Guernsey radio show I took a look at two newly released albums and a new series of events bringing live music to the island’s under 18-year-olds.

To The Woods launched their debut album at the end of October and they joined me for a suitably ‘lairy’ semi-acoustic session and interview talking about how the band came together and how they’ve gained the formidable reputation they have over the last couple of years.


Tantale welcomed me to their rehearsal bunker in Torteval and told me how finding this base of operations reinvigorated the band leading to new album Just Add Vice and about how they feel they fit in with the rest of Guernsey’s music scene.

And Jon Bisson from Sound Guernsey and James Radford from HONEST CROOKS spoke to me about the new series of events that started last weekend aimed at bringing live music to 11 to 18 year olds in the island.

You can listen to the show until 26th December on the BBC iPlayer or by clicking here.


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