Rammstein In Amerika

As bands who work to their own rules but go on to major mainstream recognition go, Rammstein are certainly up there. Nowhere is this more evident than in this, their new concert film and documentary package, Rammstein In Amerika. The first disc of the set is a conventional concert film of their 2010 performance at... Continue Reading →

Love & Mercy

The Beach Boys are a band that have always been a part of my pop music landscape. With their songs of sun, surf and teenage Californian life as a youngster living at the beach this all seemed to click. Then later Good Vibrations was clearly a pop anomaly that stood alongside the work of The Beatles... Continue Reading →


The period of American movie making between the late 1960s and mid-1970s was a strange time. With the so-called death of the studio system and the birth of the ‘New Hollywood’, films were made that never would have been before. In this we got the early brutality and potential criminal glorifying Bonnie And Clyde, the... Continue Reading →

The Martian

Director Ridley Scott and science fiction have a long association, from breakthrough Alien and Blade Runner in his earlier days to Prometheus and its upcoming sequels he has (arguably) a fairly good track record in the style. So, it was with some anticipation that I headed into his slightly more factually styled new sci-fi movie,... Continue Reading →

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