Yes! by Daniel Bryan and Craig Tello

Ever since Mick Foley hit the top of the New York Times bestseller list with his autobiography, Have A Nice Day, it has been de rigueur for popular professional wrestlers to tell their life stories in print. These range from the excellent, the aforementioned Foley book and Ric Flair’s To Be The Man to the... Continue Reading →

Black Swan

From its opening scene, a dream sequence with a hint of foreshadowing, its clear that despite featuring star names likes Natalie Portman and Winnona Ryder, Black Swan isn’t your run of the mill movie in any sense. Throughout the film one word springs to mind in all aspects of its style, claustrophobia. From the tight... Continue Reading →

The Surfin’ Birds – Self-Titled

Hailing from Weymouth (seemingly by way of Detroit) The Surfin’ Birds self-titled debut LP runs the gamut of retro rock ‘n’ roll over 11 tracks. The trio have been plying their trade on the live circuit for a few years and have a few EPs under their belt all of which has very much culminated... Continue Reading →

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