A Beat To The Beats

From The Beat Museum, San Francisco
From The Beat Museum, San Francisco

Another poem, this time written while in the midst of Jack Kerouac’s Big Sur and hot on the heels of Naked Lunch, Howl, On The Road and The Dharma Bums, a binge of beat, if you will…

It’s hardly Howl but is my tribute and feelings on what I’ve read and people and places that created it…

A Beat To The Beats

…all the words that can be said have been said of the beats and the generation and the time and the life and something I find I love. I love the words and the rhythms and the flow and the feeling and the illusion and the place and the city and the cities, Kerouac Ginsberg Burroughs Ferlinghetti… The City Lights on Columbus and the shacks in Berkeley in Big Sur. dharma bums in constant flow of sounds and words and beat, ‘the best minds of a generation’ ‘the angel headed hipsters’ on the tracks on the mountains in the cities on the road and in the bars the temples the mattress floor bedrooms livingrooms kitchens. meditative wild spirits cut short and long lived by life…

And another slightly sketchy recording of me reading it…

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