To The City

I haven’t shared any creative writing here before but it seems as good a place as any to post it, I wrote this on the train from the airport into London on a sunny day in April.

To The City

gatwick expressPrefab bungalows,
Brick built semis,
Old red telephone boxes, why?

Stately homes,
Modern cottages,
Low rise industrial units, side by side…

Streaming past

No jumping freights,
Or Freedom travel,
Regimented rushing to urban sprawl destinations.

White and once red
brown houses,
Clinging to once wild hills, row on row.

Allotments, allotments, allotments,
Brutalist concrete,
Suburbia meets urbia across three centuries.

Streaming past

Tunnel darkness,
Blank site redevelopment,
History rewritten and rewritten as we continue, slow and steady.

Gatwick Express at BatterseaFinally the city,
Beautifully grotesque,
Living and breathing in contradiction.

Finally the city,
Like no other but like all,
Anciently new,
Showing everything,
Hiding every thing…

And here’s a recording of me reading it, ignore the artwork, Soundcloud is having trouble letting me edit that

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