Future Talks – All Night Long

Future TalksFormed in mid 2014, following a serendipitous meeting at The Reading Festival the previous summer, Guildford/London-based four-piece Future Talks have left their first mark, via Soundcloud, in the form of single All Night Long.

The title may be so derivative I had to double-check I had got it right, but the song itself is a chunky dose of laid back pop-rock, with some angst ridden lyrics laid over the top to boot and all delivered in a manner clearly designed to get people bouncing.

The first touchstones I could hear in Future Talks sound come from across the Atlantic, with Jimmy Eat World, Blink 182 and a bit of Foo Fighters all clearly having had an influence of these four young men. But, there is something else in there too stemming from Britpop making for a more rounded package that is more the simple pop-punk it could have been.

Future Talks - band shot
Future Talks

Certainly it steers pretty close to frontman Charlie Sinclair’s previous work in Guernsey with Francisco, but that’s no bad thing and it continues on the musical momentum he built with that earlier band, as the other three members all hold their own respectively as well.

While All Night Long definitely sounds like a first single it is packed with potential and teenage angst wrapped in a shiny pop package that never seems to go out of date. Combine that with the big sound on offer and Future Talks could certainly speak to a wide audience as they gain more exposure on the live circuit they are currently pursuing.

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