Films of 2014

So, before I begin this will be short as I haven't seen nearly as many new movies this year as I'd like, but none-the-less here are my thoughts on things based on what I have seen. As seems to something that's going to continue well into the next decade Marvel took a big chunk of... Continue Reading →

Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros the movie is a strange thing; On the one hand its an utter mess that bears little relation to its source material and really doesn’t make much sense. On the other it’s a basically enjoyable romp packed with nostalgia for me as a player of the Mario Bros games and someone who... Continue Reading →


When coming to a movie on home release, following very good reviews and a Blu-ray front cover screaming hyperbole, it can be very hard to form a genuine response to it as expectation is set to a different level. Lenny Abrahamson’s Frank is certainly a film that falls into this category, but, for the most... Continue Reading →


Following on from Die Hard I thought I’d take a look at another ‘alternative’ Christmas movie of the 80s, still much regarded in certain circles, in Joe Dante’s 1984 festive horror comedy, Gremlins. Telling the story of a small town over run by green-skinned, reptilian creatures from who knows where it is clear to see... Continue Reading →

Die Hard (at Beau Cinema)

The number of words written about John McTiernan’s Die Hard since its release in 1988 is likely innumerable, so I’ll add my two-pence as I have just been to a special Christmas screening of the movie at Guernsey’s Beau Cinema. To many the notion of a Christmas screening of this potentially one-dimensional boys’ own action... Continue Reading →

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