Raptor Shack – The Wild

Raptor Shack - The WildWith a little over a year together Raptor Shack have spent most of that time writing and then recording.

Thanks to their varied locations they’ve yet to make a live mark, but debut EP The Wild is their fist step to staking their claim on the Guernsey music scene with their mix of rock, punk, emo, blues and electronica.

My review of The Wild was published in The Guernsey Press on Saturday 22nd November 2014 and the album is available via Raptor Shack’s Bandcamp page.

Raptor Shack - The Wild review scan - 22:11:14

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3 thoughts on “Raptor Shack – The Wild

  1. […] Other records released in the second half of the year included debuts from The Electric Shakes (a Bournemouth based act featuring former Jenerator, Steven Lynch) and Raptor Shack, a young band who pulled together a fairly disparate group of influences to make an infectiously enjoyable rock EP, The Wild. […]

  2. […] disc is rounded off by Raptor Shack with Demons from their debut EP, The Wild. Demons is a punchy pop-metal track captures something of the band’s youth in Guernsey and shows […]

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