The Toxic Avenger Part II

The second in Troma’s flagship franchise, and the follow-up to the film that made their name, ups the stakes in pretty much every regard as the worlds first toxic superhero returns for The Toxic Avenger Part II. The story, which is as convoluted as you might expect, concerns Toxie once again saving Tromaville from a big... Continue Reading →

Raptor Shack – The Wild

With a little over a year together Raptor Shack have spent most of that time writing and then recording. Thanks to their varied locations they've yet to make a live mark, but debut EP The Wild is their fist step to staking their claim on the Guernsey music scene with their mix of rock, punk,... Continue Reading →

The Imitation Game

Much like its subject, mathematician, cryptologist and engineer Alan Turing (Benedict Cumberbatch), Morten Tyldum’s The Imitation Game is something of an Enigma – pun intended. While its far from the impenetrable thing that was the Nazi wartime code it combination of being very obvious, totally guileless and somewhat over sentimental sounds like it should be... Continue Reading →


I’m going to make this clear from the start, I’m writing this just over half an hour after stepping out of a screening of Christopher Nolan’s latest offering, Interstellar, so these are very much first impressions and I’m pretty sure there is a lot more in there than one screening can entirely grasp. The story,... Continue Reading →

Nightmare Movies by Kim Newman

I first discovered Kim Newman through his excellent Video Dungeon columns in Empire magazine, which, along with his more mainstream reviews for the magazine, demonstrated a man with a great knowledge for the fringes of cinema. So, when I saw his 1989 work, Nightmare Movies, had been reversioned and rereleased I picked it up as... Continue Reading →

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