The Cryptics – Black Lucy

The Cryptics - Black LucyLaunching back onto the scene, garage rockers The Cryptics leave listeners in no uncertain state as to what their all about on five track EP, Black Lucy.

With something like the sound of a tape machine rolling to get things going, fuzzy bass and rhythm guitar, from Billy Cryptic and G.T.O. respectively, soon blast from the speakers with a sound that cried out to be coming from vinyl (for me it was coming from CD, so I guess that’s one step better than pure digital?).

The title track sets the scene well as the fuzz is joined by the amphetamine spiked speed of Woody ‘W’ Woodsman’s drums, some psyche solos from G.T.O. and an aloof, almost painfully cool, but knowing, vocal delivery from Screamin’ Johnny Moth.

The CrypticsWith a chorus featuring the ‘words’ “shangalanga” and “ramalama” its clear The Cryptics come from the same school of songwriting that brought us Louie, Louie, and this is no bad thing.

The EP continues very much in the same vein and, listening to it anywhere, its all I can do not to bounce and sing along as the sound is genuinely infectious and the lyrics drill themselves into your head after just one listen create a set of regular ear-worms.

With references to an elevator going up to the 13th floor, The Cryptics wear their influences on their sleeves and end up with a sound that is something of a combination of classic rock ‘n’ roll and 60s psyche rock all coming from and early 70s Detroit garage (with something of a knowing nod and wink) to create something joyously trashy which is celebrate in the EP’s closing number, Do The Trash.

The CrypticsWith Ghostriders, Gold and Jitterbuggin’ all evoking the same, but in varied enough ways to keep it interesting, in between, Black Lucy is a storming release that is a must for fans of all things garage-y and retro, and really should be listened to by anyone who likes things loud and fuzzy.

My one recommendation, once you’ve got your hands on this disc though, is two words:


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2 thoughts on “The Cryptics – Black Lucy

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  2. […] to mind The Hives and stands alongside follow English Channel based acts The Electric Shakes, The Cryptics and Thee Jenerators as proof that garage rock can still be a force to be reckoned with and stand […]

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