From Hell

Alan Moore’s writing has always been something apart from what was around him. Certainly his 1980s work for American comics giant DC has, and can be, included with that decades re-evaluation of the form, but even next to his contemporaries from that era his work has always seemed to stand apart. So, from the voice... Continue Reading →

True Detective

Generally speaking the TV detective drama is not one that appeals to me greatly. From the standard fare of British made TV shows, to the more recent spate of Scandinavian series and more intense and modern British variants, aside from the comic book inflected Sherlock, none have appealed enough in their marketing to make me... Continue Reading →

NXT Takeover: Fatal 4 Way

I don’t usually do full reviews for pro-wrestling events, preferring to ‘live’ tweet them as I watch over at @TomGirard, but as this is my first proper taste of NXT I thought it would be worth it. Coming in, I had heard all the hype about NXT being where the best of WWE’s output now... Continue Reading →

Of Empires – Stranger Sensations EP

With three years under their hyper-stylish belts already Of Empires are on the verge of releasing their debut EP. Having made their name with abundant classic rock stylings the Guernsey/Brighton based four-piece have had something of a change of direction, but all in their own particular rock 'n' roll idiom. The EP comes out on... Continue Reading →

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