Francisco – It’s Not Over Yet

Francisco - It's Not Over Yet coverTo coincide with their final gig young pop-rockers Francisco released their debut EP, It’s Not Over Yet via their Bandcamp page (amongst other places).

For the best part of the last year the band have been on a steady rise with gigs aplenty in most of the venues and pubs on the island that stage live music, from acoustic shows at The Cock and Bull and The Vault to full-scale outings at The Fermain Tavern supporting local acts and visitors, including an appearance alongside The Hoosiers at #Triplestoked.

While the release of this EP and last week’s gig seem to mark an end for Francisco, at least three of the band’s members hinted this may not be the end of their working together, but, as with many bands their age, disbanding heading off island to the UK seems to be their immediate future, but if there is more to come, it could well be worth keeping an eye out for.

My review of It’s Not Over Yet was published in The Guernsey Press on Saturday 26th July 2014:

Francisco - Its Not Over Yet review scan - 26:07:14You can listen to the EP on YouTube here:


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