Yes Sir Boss – King In A Rocking Chair

Yes Sir Boss - King In A Rocking ChairHaving picked up a copy of King In a Rocking Chair at a recent Yes Sir Boss gig at The Fermain Tavern in Guernsey I came to it with certain expectations.

The bands’ live show is a tight, energetic one that proved capable of getting a room bouncing while the band displayed an astonishing level of musicality, even overcoming a few technical difficulties without missing a beat.

While some tracks on the album do hint towards the bands’ crowd pleasing, up beat, abilities in the live arena, as a whole King In A Rocking Chair has a rather different feel.

While it still bends genres as much as their live performance with hints of 50s style rock ‘n’ roll rubbing shoulders with reggae, ska and jangly indie where the album shines is when it heads into a kind of hybrid soul-blues territory.

Yes Sir Boss

It is in this that Yes Sir Boss’ combination of guitars and brass really comes together with a melodic and vocal style that belies their vaguely Bristolian origins. In this Matthew Sellors’ vocals seem to transform to fit the style and, while these aren’t the records most upbeat and sing-along tracks, they are the ones that have the most coherent sound and seem to show off the bands’ full potential.

While it would be nice to hear a record more representative of what I experienced of Yes Sir Boss live, King In A Rocking Chair does succeed in doing one thing that their live show did; demonstrate just how good this five-piece is as a band.

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