From Bedrooms To Backseats – Bow Down EP

From Bedrooms To Backseats - Bow DownWith four years as a band under their belt From Bedrooms To Backseats have gained a reasonable experience on Guernsey’s live circuit and, despite several line up changes, have kept up their sense of having fun on stage mixed with creating a set of generally solid original songs.

So, for their first release proper, the Bow Down EP, its good to hear them continuing to develop their sound as the first track opens with a piano line before building up with bass, drums and then guitars to bring us up to speed with their sound which, in their words, combines pop-punk, hardcore and metal.

To be honest, other than the cleaner vocal style of frontman James ‘Raddy’ Radford, I find it hard to see the pop-punk side of their sound but certainly it is metalcore of a sort that, at its best, brought to mind early Bullet For My Valentine or Ascendency and The Crusade-era Trivium, but with something of their own thrown in too. This does give their sound a slightly dated feel, but their energy carries it through and, along with their own touches, helps build on that foundation.

From Bedrooms To BackseatsThe EP’s highlights are the title track which balances power and viciousness, without becoming over poweringly bleak, and lead single Bridges which sees the band continue with the development of their sound, much like the discs intro, with female vocals and piano lines joining the distorted guitars and Raddy’s screaming.

While From Bedrooms To Backseats have clearly developed their sound over the years and, on record, they lose the sense of, for want of a better phrase, mucking about, that often gets in the way of their live shows, the predominantly DIY nature of this recording does mean some things get a bit lost in the mix.

Raddy of From Bedrooms To BackseatsDIY recording is admirable, and certainly shows a dedication on the part of the musicians to getting their music heard, but metal of this nature is hard to capture in this way as often distortion overrides other sounds and causes things to get lost and this is, unfortunately, the case in places with the Bow Down EP.

With the Bow Down EP, From Bedrooms To Backseats have created something that, while not entirely successful sonically, does have a lot of good points demonstrating not only the dedication of the band to their music but also to developing their sound from live performance to recording and, for fans of the more modern sound of hardcore laced heavy metal, there is a lot to like across these five tracks.

The EP will available from Saturday 15th March 2014 through the band’s Bandcamp page.

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