The Get Down – Fermain Tavern – 01/03/14

The Mouse Outfit
The Mouse Outfit

On Saturday 1st March The Get Down presented one of their biggest shows to date as they welcomed The Mouse Outfit to Guernsey for a sold out night at The Fermain Tavern.

Just to make it clear I won’t be doing a full review of this show as I had to leave part way through, but, from what I did see and hear, here are my thoughts.

All events in Guernsey are subject to the whims of the island’s gig goers, but for The Get Down, within half an hour of the doors opening the Tav was already busy and by the time Asylum Seekas made their way onto the stage just after 10 the venue was packed to rafters and there was a real atmosphere of anticipation in the air.

DJ Four-Q
DJ Four-Q

While things were warming up DJ Four-Q and, the man behind the whole event, DJ Oneofakind were spinning a range of hip hop that spanned pretty much everything the genre has to offer from things a novice like me could recognise through a huge range of other sounds but all set the scene excellently and began to draw people on the dancefloor, including an excellent display of break dancing from Dave Hyett.

Asylum Seekas are regulars at The Get Down and every time I’ve caught them live its been a slightly different arrangement of the same group of guys, tonight it was Apex and Jimi Riddlz with the mics and Mini-Rol behind the decks as they delivered one of the most intense sets I remember seeing from them. Not holding back on a range of subjects from their own style of music and its perception in the ‘mainstream’ to pretty much anything else of a sociopolitical spectrum they are certainly men with a point of view and no shyness about sharing it.

Asylum Seekas
Asylum Seekas

For something of an outsider to this style like me this did teeter on the edge of being a bit too much but with beatboxer 9MM joining them on stage at one point and the group’s evident skills at what they do they once again proved why they have been one of the most well-regarded musical entities on the island for about as long as I can remember.

As The Mouse Outfit took to the stage the dancefloor quickly filled even further and it was clear that many had been waiting for this moment for a long time. With a brass section, live guitar, bass and drums, along with keys, synths and a DJ, and Dr Syntax MCing out front, the stage was about as packed as the dancefloor and the nine-piece group wasted no time in getting everyone moving with what sounded like an excellent mix of massively exciting funk-tinged hip-hop.

Unfortunately it was at this point that other factors meant I had to leave but it seems to me that a night like this can be judged as nothing but a massive success and, as the man behind it, DJ Oneofakind deserves a huge pat on the back for keeping this end of Guernsey’s music scene alive in such a vibrant way that really brought The Fermain Tavern to life in  a way rarely seen, but that I think we’d all love to see more.

You can see a few more of my photos from the show on the BBC Introducing Guernsey Facebook page.

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