Black Spiders – This Savage Land

Black Spiders - This Savage LandBlack Spiders are a band who first grabbed my interest when they supported The Wildhearts at Shepherd’s Bush Empire in October 2009 and, while the headliners were promoting their poppier tinged Chutzpah! album, the support act brought some straight up, balls out hard rock to the show that was much-needed (The Wildhearts still played a blinder but support bands who really step up always grab my attention, also on the bill were No Americana who I remember being ace as well).

This Savage Land is the Spiders’ second full length release (following Sons Of The North) and kicks in exactly how that album and their live shows did, as the band merge the sounds of Black Sabbath, AC/DC and Motorhead into one rolling hard rock package.

Black SpidersMuch like AC/DC and Motorhead there is little here that reinvents the wheel and, there are points where it could get mired down in the generic, but every song is delivered with such joie de vivre that this is soon overcome and the sounds coalesce into something that is very much Black Spiders’ own.

As the album goes on there are a few other sounds that get thrown into the mix, particularly on Put Love In Its Place which has more of an early 90s grunge vibe and there are moments across the record that hint toward influence of British Rock of the past 20 years too (which is no surprise considering the Wildhearts connection).

Black SpidersWhile the album generally has something of American hard rock mixed in with the Anglo-Australian tones there are some prime moments that show this is a British band as their sense of humour comes through and makes for a record that has a great, well produced, sound, but also a real sense of fun in it as well.

While Black Spiders are walking an already well trodden path, its hard to find fault with This Savage Land and, if hard rocking sounds are your thing, this is certainly worth picking up as I don’t think it could fail to get a rockers head banging.

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