Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree – Fermain Tavern – 20/12/13

The DeadBeats
The DeadBeats

The Friday before Christmas is always going to be an odd night for going out, but, considering the Christmas parties and celebrations going on elsewhere a reasonable number turned up early at The Fermain Tavern to see the public debut of new band Francisco.

Mixing covers with a couple of originals the five-piece are certainly not short on confidence and, once they got rolling, certainly seem to be well on the way to having the skills to back this up.

Frontman Jack Sinclair-Stott was all swagger and pose and, while it at times felt a little misplaced as the appreciative audience tended to hang back and he seemed to be addressing an empty dancefloor, it was nice to see in a young band going all out from the off and not just playing the same old covers or style as many others.


While the band may have somewhat massacred The Undertones classic Teenage Kicks, the rest of the set sounded great and the original numbers showed a lot of promise, particularly the second that had a great indie/garage rock vibe which fit in brilliantly with the rest of the bands on the night.

For a first gig Francisco played a great show and I look forward to seeing what they can do as we head into the new year.

From a new band to one of the more experienced (but still young) bands on the circuit, Last of the Light Brigade started out with a sense of reserved tightness but, as the dancefloor began to fill up they really came to life and seemed to be having more fun on stage than I’ve seen them have in a while.

Last of the Light Brigade
Last of the Light Brigade

Once again Tyler was in command of proceedings and is growing in this regard with every performance and it is good to hear Waste of a Good Weekend and No Ambition back in the set alongside the newer songs all of which seemed to go down well with the many new faces in attendance.

Following the departure of founding member and long-term guitarist, Steve Lynch, last month, Thee Jenerators were making their first outing with their new line up featuring Andy Sauvage on guitar. While Andy’s presence brought a slightly different vibe on stage, the sound was still exactly what we’ve come to expect as a wall of garage rock noise blasted forth from the stage and PA while Mark Le Gallez was a non-stop dervish of energy as he channeled Lux Interior in his own unpredictable way.

Thee Jenerators
Thee Jenerators

It seems the new line up has also given bass player Jo Reeve more licence to rock out on stage and he added yet more energy to proceedings.

Thee Jenerators added yet more new songs to their set tonight and showed that they haven’t slowed down one bit with the recent line up change as they head toward a fifth album in the near future.

It had been almost a year to the day since The DeadBeats last took to the stage and, as ever, they proved to be something of an oft forgotten, hidden gem of a band. Fronted by Bobby Battle, performing like someone who doesn’t care, but making a great sound that belies his attitude, the band are a wild and an untamed thing blasting out grunge in just the way it was meant to be.

This went down very well and, while following Thee Jenerators is never going to be an easy job, it seems for many they were band of the night, and they certainly brought the night to a great close as Christmas was celebrated without much mention of the event itself, which is always refreshing.

You can see a full gallery of my photos of the show on the BBC Introducing Guernsey Facebook page.

And here’s the review as it appeared in The Guernsey Press on Saturday 4th January 2014:

Fermain Christmas gig 2013 scan - 4:1:14

Here’s a video of Francisco thanks to Plumb:

And one of Last of the Light Brigade:

And here’s a bit of The Deadbeats:

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