Good Vibrations

Movies about the punk scene are fairly common, but this is the first I’ve seen that looks at the element of that scene that grew up around the euphemistically named ‘Troubles’ in Northern Ireland in the late 1970s. But not only that it looks at a man dubbed a ‘Godfather’ of that scene, Terri Hooley.... Continue Reading →

An Adventure In Space And Time

Being a Doctor Who fan the last few weeks have been something of a treat simply due to how much one of my favourite TV shows and characters has been, not only on TV, but also in the general media and, aside from the 50th Anniversary episode itself, The Day of the Doctor, the one... Continue Reading →

The Wolverine (Unleashed Cut)

Having missed it in the cinema I thought I’d delve into The Wolverine by the extended ‘Unleashed’ cut of the movie that comes with the Blu-ray package. I’m not sure how much is different or added, but it seems the main gist of the changes is that Logan (Hugh Jackman) drops a few more ‘f-bombs’... Continue Reading →

Evarane interview

On Saturday 16th November, Essex based pop-rockers Evarane made their third visit to Guernsey to play at The Fermain Tavern, following playing Chaos this past summer and The Carlton last year. Before they came over I spoke to their lead guitarist Nile Shephard about their previous visits and the band's career and new singer, the... Continue Reading →

The Hunger Games

As a fan of Battle Royale, going into The Hunger Games had me a bit on edge as, from what I knew of it, it sounded to have a very similar idea and premise – and, certainly, it does. But it deals with it in a very different way that made it, while not as... Continue Reading →

The Dodge Brothers – The Sun Set

For their third album the Southampton based skiffle quartet, The Dodge Brothers, decamped from the south of England to the Deep South of the USA, and Sun Studios in Memphis, Tennessee in particular, to create a set of ten original songs that take their music to a new level. The most striking thing, as The... Continue Reading →

Speakeasy – Trouble

Mod-revival supergroup Speakeasy put out their second album, Trouble, in November 2013, following on from their self-titled debut in early 2012. The band is made up of members of The Risk, The Purple Hearts, The Chords and Long Tall Shorty (amongst others) and my review of the record appeared in The Guernsey Press on Thursday 7th... Continue Reading →

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