How do you follow up a pair of movies, potentially your best, which are part of the reason your name still resonates 50 years on? Well, if you’re Alfred Hitchcock it seems you take the MacGuffin from one, add the star and part of the style of the other and throw in a bunch of... Continue Reading →

Time Bandits

I have vague recollections of seeing some, or possibly all, or Terry Gilliam’s Time Bandits as a youngster but have to say; it never really stuck with me, so, beyond my more recent fascination with Gilliam’s other work, it had largely passed me by until now as it has been re-released in a newly restored,... Continue Reading →


This is a review I’d meant to write a good while ago and comes with a disclaimer that I’m sure will mean anyone who knows me will instantly click away… anyway, here goes. I have been a pretty major fan of the work of Ginger Wildheart for quite some time and bang on about him... Continue Reading →

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