Twelve Ton Trouble album and launch – The Fermain Tavern – 22/06/13

Twelve Ton Trouble album launch set times

On Saturday 22nd June 2013 blues rockers Twelve Ton Trouble launched their debut album, Weights and Measures, with a gig at The Fermain Tavern also featuring Tonight The Skies and Lifejacket.

While the crowd was somewhat on the small side they were non-the-less enthusiastic as all three bands played excellent sets which saw them step things up a gear.

You can see my photos from the night on the BBC Introducing Guernsey Facebook page and my full review of the show was published in The Guernsey Press on Saturday 6th July 2013, click on the scan below to read it:.

Twelve Ton Trouble album launch - 6:7:13 scan

My review of the album is now up on Niche Showcase and you can read the whole thing by clicking on the screen grab below:

Update: The Niche website has now been taken down, scroll down the page to read the full review

Twelve Ton Trouble grab

Having followed the musical career of Rob Hunter since he first came to the island from Alderney as the surprisingly young guitarist and singer with garage-blues act Rawcuz Crowzz, and on through his solo work, it felt good to finally get my hands on his first full blown outing with his own band, Twelve Ton Trouble.

Stylistically the album is just what you’d expect if you’d seen any of Rob’s previous performances as it pulls in the blues sound he has always preferred, with a healthy dose of hard rock thrown into the mix, creating something that is both clearly influenced by the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughan or Cream while also pulling in the likes of Led Zeppelin and other 1970s rock acts.

Of course, just making these comparisons makes some grand claims and I’m not going to say Twelve Ton Trouble are the new one of any of these acts, but, equally, that isn’t to say they are bad either. Combining these styles as they do, along with some remarkably accomplished playing from all four members of the band, certainly sets them up for great things to come.

The addition of the band, Mike Le Huray, James Gray and Oliver Baxendale, has clearly developed some of the songs which have appeared on Rob’s previous solo releases and given them a new lease of life, while new songs, such as Weeping Willow, add some extra sounds with country influences on show adding a more upbeat element.

The other thing that comes across on Weights And Measures is how Rob has grown as a performer into his own being. In the past he has, on occasion, seemed to be almost trying too hard to be the atypical bluesman, but here, he comes across more as the being that he’s always wanted Robert J. Hunter to be than ever before in much more assured and confident tones.

Singles Chosen and Repair are certainly the albums high points (as is to be expected) and they act a fine example of exactly what Twelve Ton Trouble are capable of, ranging from softer and soulful tones to raging passions along with genuinely great songs.

Entirely locally produced and mastered Weights And Measures also sounds very impressive with first time produce Elliott Mariess having handled recording and mixing duties and Andy Sauvage mastering the album to create a full package that, in the age of single downloads, is a refreshing thing to see as this is certainly a complete album.

With work already beginning on new recordings it seems Twelve Ton Trouble are not resting on their laurels and I would strongly recommend picking this album up if you like your sounds rocking and blues-y but, rather than the staid sounds those words can often conjure up, with a shot of refreshing youth that gives the music an extra level of raw power.

Guernsey Gigs were also at the album launch and got these videos:

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