The Peace Tent On Tour – Fermain Tavern – 15/06/13

SteveOn Saturday 15th June 2013 The Peace Tent returned to this cosmic realm for a night of live music and entertainment at The Fermain Tavern.

Upon entering the venue it was clear tonight wasn’t going to be quite like any other night at the Tav as the walls were all decorated with various amounts of the Peace Tent’s now iconic ‘stretchy stuff’ and the order of the day seemed to be ultraviolet light, giving the whole venue a new atmosphere that did its best to replicate the Tent’s usual vibe at its annual weekend long Chaos festival excursions.

The first live act tonight was dream-pop duo Tonight The Skies who’s light, elegant sounds welcomed many into the bar from their location not on the usual stage, but to the back of the venue, nearer the main entrance.

Tonight The Skies
Tonight The Skies

As always Hollie and James sounded great, though tonight had more the feel of background music to those mingling near the bar than they have otherwise, but this I think was due to the location and atmosphere than their playing which was it usual high standard and they even debuted a new song which continues their trend of writing excellent ethereal tunes.

As more flowed into the venue to the sounds of Flexagon DJing between the acts compere Jon Ozanne began the night’s other entertainment with a few games involving some of the more willing punters as The Id Shade set up on stage.

The Id Shade
The Id Shade

Having recently posted their first recordings and in full electric mode The Id Shade seemed newly energised tonight and their electronic dream rock, with moments of wild distortion, went down very well with the now busy Tavern.

Unfortunately, as they neared the end of their set, they suffered from some problems with their electronics that they worked through and around as well as possible but it did somewhat spoil an otherwise very impressive performance, with more festival performances lined up for the summer, whether you caught their set tonight or not I would highly recommend catching them when you can.

Next up came a few more games from Jon and some of the punters, including a balloon race, before local politician John Gollop took to the stage for some stand up comedy. I have to admit that Deputy Gollop’s comedic stylings didn’t float my boat tonight and felt, more than anything, slightly uncomfortable, but many seemed to enjoy it so, again, maybe this is one worth catching yourself to make your mind up should the opportunity ever arise again.

The next act is one I can’t review as it was the debut of Stalk The Lantern, for whom I play lead guitar, so, all I can say is that we had a great time on stage and hope people enjoyed the show and if you want to you can leave a comment below to let people know what we were like.

The night’s live music was rounded off by The Recks who have just been on the road for their first tour around the south of the UK. Once again tonight they proved why they are one of the most hyped bands in the Channel Islands at the moment as their gypsy-ska-folk-indie sounds had people packed to the front and dancing from the start, with many now singing along to the bands more catchy numbers.

After a couple of more games from Jon and the now much more willing volunteers in the Tavern, the evening was rounded off with some sounds from DJ Alex Psymons, though due to the late hour by the time he took to the decks it seemed many in the venue were already slipping away and missed his set (I have to admit by part way through I was one of these).

In the end The Peace Tent On Tour provided a fantastic night’s entertainment which I would say was unlike any other I have experienced away from the tent’s normal home at Chaos and it seemed to set people up on the road to the July festival in fine style.

Videos thanks to Guernsey Gigs.

You can see a full gallery of my photos from the show on the BBC Introducing Guernsey Facebook page.

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