Iron Man Three

Either rounding off Marvel’s ‘first phase’ or kicking off it’s ‘second phase’, depending on how you look at it, comes Robert Downey Jr. et al once again in Iron Man Three (3?). Undeniably it was the first Iron Man that set the scene for The Avengers series to come and, while Iron Man 2 was... Continue Reading →

Punisher: War Zone

After listening to the How Did This Get Made podcast about this movie which, lovingly and with the help of its director, Lexi Alexander, tore Punisher: War Zone to shreds, I thought I’d give it a re-watch. I’ve always had something of a soft spot for Marvel’s black clad vigilante avenger, but have to admit... Continue Reading →

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

With Wreck-It Ralph having recently appeared in cinemas it was interesting to go back 25 years and take a look at Who Framed Roger Rabbit, a film that took cartoon characters into the cinema in a similar way Wreck-It Ralph did with video game characters, though with much more success. What struck me most across... Continue Reading →

Thee Jenerators at the De La Rue

Since the release of their fourth album, Rejeneration, in early 2012 Guernsey’s favourite garage rockers, Thee Jenerators, have been remarkably quiet – the band, who in the past had made their name with their frenetic live shows, seemed to have gone to ground. So, when they announced a show on a Monday night (a very... Continue Reading →

Insurrection – MMXIII

More than two decades after their debut, british-style hardcore punks Insurrection return with a new EP, distributed online for free. I reviewed MMXIII for The Guernsey Press on Saturday 6th April: You can download the EP through the band's Facebook page and it will be available direct from members of the band on CD as... Continue Reading →

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