A Good Day To Die Hard

I have to admit that, having heard and read quite a few reviews, I went into A Good Day To Die Hard with certain expectations and they were all met. This was not a good thing. The film starts out like some kind of Cold War-era espionage movie run through the Bourne-filter (though with much... Continue Reading →


There is a bar that has been set by Pixar that began when they first put out Toy Story back in 1995 (wow, was it really that long ago!?) that not only their, but all, computer animated films have been compared to since and, despite a few blips, Pixar have generally remained top of the... Continue Reading →

Everything Or Nothing

Released to not only cash in with the release of Skyfall, but also the 50th anniversary of the James Bond movies, Everything Or Nothing (which takes it’s title from the name of Cubby Broccoli’s production company EON who make the Bond movies) takes a look back at the history of 007, specifically on film, but... Continue Reading →


Up until a couple of weeks ago I had never seen a Nicolas Winding Refn movie, and now I’ve seen both Bronson and Drive I can conclude at least one thing – he likes his anti-heroes. While in Bronson he dealt with a charismatic, real-life nutcase and made him into something of a vaudeville rogue... Continue Reading →

Troll Hunter

If you read my review of Chronicle a few months back you’ll probably have got the idea that I often find ‘found footage’ movies somewhat distracting and, even at their best, they usually have some moments which take me out of the action and question why the camera is still rolling. Despite a few moments... Continue Reading →

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