The Killing Floor in Gallery Magazine

The Killing Floor

The Killing Floor

For the December issue of the Guernsey edition of Gallery Magazine I took a look at albums by a couple of bands I have seen play live in Guernsey over the last couple of years.

First up was The Killing Floor who I saw at the FutureShock’s show at The Fermain Tavern in November which also featured Jonny Lives, The Inevitable Pinhole Burns, SugarSlam and Of Empires.

At the show I picked up their album (released in 2011) and you can read my review by picking up a copy of the magazine (if you are in Guernsey) or through the online edition here.

Or failing that, below:

The Killing Floor scan - December 2012


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One thought on “The Killing Floor in Gallery Magazine

  1. […] well as my review of the album from The Killing Floor, the December 2012 edition of Guernsey’s Gallery Magazine also features my review of the […]

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