Anything Goes at The Fermain Tavern

Guernsey based clothes brand Anything Goes Apparel presented a night of live music at The Fermain Tavern on Friday 28th December 2012 - also making it my last gig of the year. The night featured live music from Twelve Tribe Mansion, From Bedrooms To Backseats, Twelve Ton Trouble and The DeadBeats as well as The... Continue Reading →

Dune (1984)

This introduction will probably make it clear just how much of a mess the 1984 film of Frank Herbert’s 1965 sci-fi novel Dune is, so here goes: for this review I am referring to the two and a quarter hour cut of the movie, which credits David Lynch as director, rather than the TV cut... Continue Reading →


I may be fairly late to the dance on this one, but here we go, I have, at last, got round to seeing the latest in the James Bond series – Skyfall. From the start I’m going to say I think this is probably in my top 4 Bond movies (though I’m not sure where... Continue Reading →

End Of Watch

It’s always nice to head into a film with no expectations – tonight that’s just what I did as; other than knowing Jake Gyllenahaal was in it and it was about cops I had little idea as to what End Of Watch was about. In the end I was pleasantly surprised by what turned out... Continue Reading →

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