Futureshock present: Jonny Lives!, The Killing Floor, The Inevitable Pinhole Burns, Of Empires and SugarSlam

Jonny Lives!

For their latest show local promoters Futureshock presented a varied night spanning a wide breadth of rock ‘n’ roll music featuring bands from New York, London and Guernsey at The Fermain Tavern.

The bands were quite a line up with New Yorkers Jonny Lives! and The Killing Floor, who are touring the UK as I type joining The Inevitable Pinhole Burns who, though based in London, feature a couple of Guernsey boys amongst their number and Guernsey duo of blues-rockers Of Empires and grunge rockers SugarSlam.

The visitors seemed to go down pretty well with the Fermain crowd and the locals once again showed the quality of their music when faced with international level acts.

My full review of the show was published in The Guernsey Press on Saturday 10th November, and you can read it here:

In the meantime you can check out my photos on the night by clicking on the photo above or by going to the BBC Introducing Guernsey Facebook page.

I wasn’t able to get any videos on the night but SugarSlam frontman Plumb got a few which you can see on his YouTube channel and here:

Photo by Tom Girard, courtesy BBC Introducing Guernsey

Bonus bit:

And just because I love the song and Jonny Lives! played a cover it at the show in their encore, here is The Jim Carroll Band with People Who Died:

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2 thoughts on “Futureshock present: Jonny Lives!, The Killing Floor, The Inevitable Pinhole Burns, Of Empires and SugarSlam

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