World War Z by Max Brooks

While they most commonly appear in movies, Max Brooks takes on where most films leave off to create an amazing story of a world clawing itself back from the hell of an undead apocalypse. With The Walking Dead back on TV and a seemingly never-ending slew of low-budget zombie movies appearing both in cinemas and... Continue Reading →


One song I clearly remember liking a lot when I first heard it when I was a child was Iron, Lion, Zion. To be honest I’ve no idea why it struck me so, but since then Bob Marley’s music has always sat on the edge of my musical consciousness while always retaining a certain place... Continue Reading →

The Festival of Steel

Guernsey power metallers Nemesis staged the first "Festival of Steel" at The Fermain Tavern in Guernsey on Saturday 17th November 2012 along with Dead Wing and Hellfighter. Dead Wing kicked the show off with a selection of original stoner metal that was also their best set to date, followed by the undeniable heroes of the... Continue Reading →


A surreal nightmare vision that combines extreme gore with extreme music to create a film that has clearly influenced horror cinema ever since. Before sliding in the Blu-ray and sitting down to Dario Argento’s Suspiria last night I did have a few expectations; first was that it would be bloody in a Grand Guignol sort... Continue Reading →


Films and TV shows centering on time travel are notoriously tricky affairs, dealing with the logic issues that can be brought up by characters shuffling through time often leads to a distraction that overpowers the film. Other films and shows get around it in different ways; Back To The Future uses it to drive the... Continue Reading →

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