BBC Introducing Guernsey: October 2012 – Darker Shores and Twelve Tribe Mansion

Sam and Tom of Twelve Tribe Mansion

I was back on the airwaves tonight for another two hours of BBC Introducing Guernsey featuring new music from around the Bailiwick of Guernsey.

As it was Halloween I thought it only appropriate to feature one of the darkest and heaviest bands Guernsey has to offer, Darker Shores, who came in for a chat.

And as they have a debut album in the works and some gigs coming up I also spoke to Twelve Tribe Mansion who played a short live session too.

You can listen to the whole show for the next 7 days here, and here’s the track list:

Thee Jenerators – Yellow Fruit Pastille
Sugarslam – Fameless
Jonny Lives! – Parking Lot
The Inevitable Pinhole Burns – Sparks and Fireworks
Mr.D 45 – The Nu Age
Jack McGahy – Wonderful Wonder
Darker Shores – Drowning In Chaos
Darker Shores – Into The Storm of Battle
Darker Shores – The Hate Reflex
Tim Bishop – Who Gave Away Our Gold
Twelve Tribe Mansion – Third Up Third Down
Twelve Tribe Mansion – Miskin Street (live)
Twelve Tribe Mansion – Yokel and the Plough (live)
Twelve Tribe Mansion – Hill Bill
Nemesis – The King Is Dead
Hellfighter – Damnations Wings
The Barley Dogs – The Bel Air Affair (live)
The Black Vote – It Was So Cash
The John Wesley Stone – Caffeine, Benzedrine, Nicotine (live)
The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing – Victoria’s Secret

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