Tantale: The Known Elements (album and launch show)

Last Saturday night Tantale launched their debut album, The Know Elements, with a sold out show at The Fermain Tavern.

I was on hand taking photos for BBC Introducing Guernsey and you can see those photos over on the radio show’s Facebook page by clicking here, or by clicking on the photo to the right.

The show at the Fermain featured support from reggae punks RentOClean, synth-pop act Bright_Lights and psytrance and other wobbly sounds from DJ Psylobster alongside a cracking light show from L.H. Events.

My review of the show was published in The Guernsey Press on Saturday 13th October 2012:

and my review of the album was published in the October issue of Guernsey’s edition of Gallery Magazine (which can also be read online here) – you can also read my full length review further down the page:

I had a chance to speak to Tantale about their album on my last BBC Introducing Guernsey radio show, you can read my article on the band and album for BBC Introducing here:

Guernsey Gigs were at the album launch show and got a couple of videos as well:

Album Review (full version)

Around two and a half years ago a new band called Tantale appeared on the scene in Guernsey with a sound a bit different from anyone else at the time. Combining elements of grunge, indie and a little bit of electronic music, they started making a name for themselves culminating in winning the 2010 Battle of the Bands at the De La Rue and earning themselves a slot on the main stage at the 2011 Vale Earth Fair which went down a storm.

As well as that they recorded an impressive ‘demo’ EP that showcased their unique and interesting sound and continued their development with additional samples and extra touches not so possible in the purely live environment.

So in October 2012 Tantale will be releasing their debut full-length album, which saw the band head over to the UK and record in studios owned by the management company behind Radiohead to produce a very professional sounding album.

Across 11 tracks we get a flavour of what has seen this band rise so fast on the local music scene with great musicianship on display throughout.

However, despite the obvious talent of the band in their chosen areas, there seems to be something missing from this album that is what made their demo EP exciting.

It seems to me that on this album the band have taken all the vaguely schizophrenic indie-grunge elements and sanded down and polished up the raw edges to such a degree that the sense of pure innovation and invention behind the bands sound has been lost somewhere in the transition.

This makes for an album that, while it had my head nodding along fairly consistently, at no point made me sit up with that air of excitement that I love to feel when I listen to a new record (but it has to be said Tantale are by no means the only band who have failed to have this effect on me recently).

In the end while Tantale’s debut album sounds good and certainly shows that this band are no slouches when it comes to playing their instruments, for me, it just lacked that certain spark to take it to the next level that I had been hoping for.

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