Dead Wing in Gallery Magazine (and full album review)

For the September 2012 issue of Gallery Magazine I took the chance to take a look at the debut album from Guernsey hard rockers Dead Wing.

You can pick up a copy of the magazine from many newsagents and shops around Guernsey or you can read it online through (my stuff is on page 100), or you can read it here:

Full review

Jon and Jacques

Dead Wing’s debut gives us a half hour of solid heavy hard rock; all contained on a nicely carved, and somewhat unique, wooden USB stick.

For a couple of years now the five men that comprise Dead Wing have been making their mark on Guernsey’s music scene and have become known for their combination of hard rock and grunge, particularly via covers of the likes of Black Sabbath, Nirvana and Jimi Hendrix.

In the summer of 2012 they unleashed their debut album, containing seven original tracks that pretty much stick to the blueprint laid out by their choice of live covers.

Ben and Elliott

From the start the album sounds like something a bit different for albums made over here recently in that, to me at least, this could come from anywhere. While some albums are firmly rooted in their sense of place and self this one is quite the opposite and Dead Wing sound as if they could be a band from Guernsey, the UK, or the USA, and there would be no difference.

While this may be a good thing in some ways, and certainly speaks volumes for both the band’s performance and Danny Joyce’s fantastic production work (this record is on a par with Danny’s own band Nemesis’ most recent record, sound wise) it also leaves me with a sense that also this album is nothing special.

So, now to dig myself out of the hole that last statement has dug me!


While the album may not be ‘anything special’ in terms of comparing it to the bands Dead Wing are clearly influenced by, it still holds it own against many albums I have heard in a similar genre from much more established and ‘signed’ bands.

Musically, this is the best I have ever heard Dead Wing, and it really serves to demonstrate something that is often lost when they play live – that their originals are actually very good songs.

Live the band often seem to rely on their takes on War Pigs, Voodoo Chile and the like, but this album is proof that, if they wanted to, they could play a set of original songs and it still be a great show, and I for one hope we see this more in the future.

Also the album shows the musical talent of the band better than their live performances have in my experience and shows that these guys are genuinely very good at what they do.

All in all Dead Wing’s debut is a solid bit of heavy hard rock that sets them out as one of the better bands making this kind of noise in Guernsey today and has a sound universal enough that it could have the potential to carry the band onto bigger things if they wanted it to.

Now I’d just like to see them focus their live shows on these original songs!

Photos courtesy of BBC Introducing Guernsey and taken by Tom Girard.

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