Sark Folk Festival 2012 – BBC article and photos

A Day Before Thursday – Photo by Tom Girard, courtesy BBC Guernsey

This past weekend I was in Sark for the third annual Sark Folk Festival experiencing a tonne of great folk, roots and acoustic music (and some slightly out of place, but still pretty darned good metal).

I’m going to get a full review up in the next few days but first here’s the stuff I did for BBC Introducing Guernsey.

Also go here to see the videos I got over the weekend (varying quality as recorded on my iPhone, more will be added over the next few days too).

Sark Folk Festival continues success

For the third year in a row the last weekend in June saw musicians and music lovers from all over the British Isles and France descend on the small island of Sark for three days of folk and roots music.

The brainchild of Simon Harvey the 2012 festival saw UK folk stalwarts such as Show of Hands rub shoulders with new and local bands like The Recks and The John Wesley Stone.

The festival opened on the afternoon of Friday with a set from well established Guernsey musician Mick Le Huray.

Mick said: “I was pleased to [open the festival] this year… I really enjoyed it but it was a little bit nerve-wracking, there’s a responsibility to kick it off in the right way.”

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Pictures of Day 1

Pictures of Day 2

Pictures of Day 3

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