Third Guernsey-based artists compilation released – BBC Guernsey

Dead Wing – Photo by Tom Girard, courtesy BBC Guernsey

My latest piece for BBC Introducing Guernsey takes a look at GBG#3, a compilation of music from Guernsey, Alderney and Sark:

A third compilation of music from Guernsey-based artists has been released.

Record label Twist Records and the Guernsey Arts Commission‘s Music Sub-Committee teamed up to produce GBG#3.

Across 29 tracks, spanning genres from hard rock and heavy metal to folk and electronica, the double CD collection acts as both an insight into what is going on in island music right now and as an archive document of Guernsey’s music scene.

Mark Le Gallez, the man behind Twist Records, said: “I am glad I put this record out as it is a time capsule of what is happening at the moment.

“There are some other bands I would have like to have included, but at least we have a span of different generations which is something I really like.”

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You can read my review of GBG#3 from Gallery Magazine here:

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