Guernsey Festival 2012 – videos and photos

Over the weekend of 23rd and 24th June 2012 the Guernsey Festival took place for the second time at The Rabbit Warren fields. The weekend featured bands from Guernsey, the UK, Jersey and France including The Charlatans, Kaiser Cheifs, Maverick Sabre and Macy Gray. Guernsey music was represented by Teaspoonriverneck, CourageHaveCourage, China Aster, Deemas J... Continue Reading →

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

For a film that screams all title no substance, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, manages to be a thoroughly entertaining, if immensely silly, hundred or so minutes. When I first heard that a film was being made with the title Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, my first reaction was that of extreme excitement, largely due to the... Continue Reading →

The Muppets

Jim Henson’s creations get the reboot treatment in this at once knowing and innocent picture that harks back to the team's heyday while adding in something new. It was with a mix of anticipation and concern that I slid The Muppets Blu-ray into my PS3. I have been a fan of the rod and felt... Continue Reading →

Wind Down Zone – 18/06/12

Today I presented the Wind Down Zone on BBC Guernsey in a somewhat last minute fashion, pulled together some relatively chilled out tunes though and I hope I didn't talk too much rubbish. Anyway you can listen through the BBC iPlayer and such here. And here is what I played: The Beatles - While My Guitar Gently... Continue Reading →

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