Demon Night: Dead Wing, Distant Shores and Stone Em All

Distant Shores – Photo by Tom Girard, courtesy BBC Guernsey

Three bands took over the Jamaica Inn for the inaugural Demon Night on 4th May 2012 with a mix of metal and stoner rock.

Check out my photos from the night over at BBC Guernsey.





With Distant Shores and Dead Wing on the bill the inaugural Demon Night event at the Jamaica Inn promised to offer some decent sounds despite the somewhat clichéd title.

First on stage though were newcomers Stone Em All who may have been playing their first ever show in a small pub, but, judging by the attitude of their frontman, they were headlining Download to thousands of adoring fans.

While in the hands of some this may come across as entertaining confidence, for me tonight it simply felt misplaced and arrogant and tarnished the band’s set.

Musically speaking, for a first gig, Stone Em All put in a decent showing (even if it could have done with a bit more energy from the guitarist, bass player and drummer) and, while covering songs like Cathedral’s Hopkins (The Witchfinder General) is an ambitious thing to do, they almost pulled it off – it was just a shame the antics of the frontman made it hard to tell if this was meant to be a Spinal Tap like parody or a serious band.

Lee of Distant Shores – Photo by Tom Girard, courtesy BBC Guernsey

There was no question as to the intent of Distant Shores though as they once again tore through a set combining the best bits of metalcore and classic heavy metal with a power and ferocity that really connected with their dedicated fans who were out in force tonight.

Demon Night was the first time Distant Shores have played with their slightly altered line up which has removed Ali Huntley from the band, with guitarist James Holmes taking on the extra vocal duties. While Huntley’s performances had been great, this new line up seemed to present a more united front on stage with a more coherent stage presence, tonight at least.

Playing a set made up entirely of original songs at such an early stage in their musical careers is also an impressive feat and I hope this band find an audience beyond their dedicated group of friends as they deserve it and I could easily see them becoming a major player in Guernsey’s metal scene in years to come.

Dead Wing rounded off the night with their brand of groove driven rock and metal which seems to be delivered in a tighter fashion every time I see them.

Dead Wing – Photo by Tom Girard, Courtesy BBC Guernsey

The highlight of this band remains the rhythm section who work together in a machine like fashion to back up the lead guitar and vocal work.

Mixing covers and originals, it maybe the likes of Sabbath and Hendrix that gained the biggest crowd reaction tonight, but for me it’s the impressive originals that could set Dead Wing apart as a band to watch on the local scene.

So the first Demon Night could certainly be called a success with a good-sized crowd engaged with the music for the whole night and, with an event headlined by SugarSlam coming up, things certainly seem to be heading in the right direction.

However, free shows, which seem to be increasing in number, do leave me with a nagging question as to the perception of the value of the work put in by the bands… but that might just be me being cynical about things?

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  1. If you were left unsure of whether a band called “Stone Em All” are Spinal Tap like parody or a serious band, then please see the Bret Hart intro, the Fez on the guitarist, the top hat on the drummer, and the coconut head that I was playing with, also the intros where the members were referred to as TeaBag Hooker, Saad Burns, Jizz the Fizz and the Hitman Hotton, the megaphone along with the pulp fiction quote, a song about a man being raped in prison, and the outro of Que Sera Sera, this coupled with our history of Folk Em All, where we dressed as old metallers with wigs and performed a song called “Manowar phoned my mum”.. and i think you can tell that it is a joke. There was no arrogance involved whatsoever. Our goal was to be different, make it funny and to entertain people, and I think we acheived that.

    Also to note that everyone involved was paid for the evening, so trust me, there is value to the work of the musicians, and soundmen.

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