The Get Down with the Prince Fatty Soundsystem, DJ Oneofakind and Limey Banton – a belated review

At the end of March The Get Down made its return to the Fermain Tavern and I took some photos for BBC Introducing and wrote a review.

As no one else wanted to publish the review here it is (slightly late) and you can see my photos over on the BBC Introducing Guernsey Facebook page.

Photo by Tom Girard, courtesy BBC Guernsey

While I’m not as accustomed to The Get Down events as I am to some other musical happenings in Guernsey, it was with an open mind that I headed up to The Fermain Tavern on Saturday 31st March.

This looked to be something special as not only did it feature local DJs Oneofakind and Limey Banton, both of whom I have enjoyed in the past, but also the sounds of visiting act Prince Fatty along with MC Horseman and vocalist Hollie Cook.

The night started out with Limey Banton behind the decks playing a great selection of relaxed and chilled out reggae, with a little of his own spice sprinkled on top.

For someone who enjoys reggae sounds but is not so accustomed to listening to them in this setting this was a nice introduction to this different sonic palette and, while only a few of the tracks were familiar, Limey Banton certainly helped get those who’d turned out early in the mood for the night ahead.

DJ’s Oneofakind and Limey Banton – photo by Tom Girard, courtesy BBC Guernsey

Rather than leaving the leaving the stage Limey Banton was then joined behind the decks by Oneofakind and the intensity of the sound was upped as the venue got busier and while people were still avoiding the dancefloor, a few began moving to the music around the venue.

It was during this part of the evening that MC Horseman first got up on stage with an announcement that was to disappoint several in attendance. Due to a throat abscess she had picked up following a recent US tour, Hollie Cook wouldn’t be appearing tonight.

Others however took this news in their stride and as the time for the Prince Fatty Soundsystem neared a few ventured on to the dance floor for a gentle skank to the continuing reggae rhythm as the DJs showed their mixing and selection skills to keep the music flowing seamlessly.

As soon as Prince Fatty stepped behind the decks (and laptop), and Horseman took to the stage, many in the now busy Tavern made their way down onto the dancefloor and were all moving to the sounds from the start of what was to be an at least hour and a half long set.

Horseman and Prince Fatty – Photo by Tom Girard, courtesy BBC Guernsey

It was evident from the start that Horseman was a skilled man on the mic capturing the audience from the off and over the course of set building the call and response element of so much live reggae across a selection of original material and a few interesting covers.

While I will openly admit that by this point in the evening I had probably had more than my fill of reggae for one night, the energy bouncing between the stage and the crowd was still growing with the initially reserved Prince Fatty loosening up behind the decks and bringing a great vibe to the Tavern for those filling the dancefloor.

At the end of the night the tracks that elicited the biggest response from the crowd came from the covers performed, including reggae versions of Cypress Hill, Prodigy and Nirvana (much to the chagrin of some of the rock fans in attendance), but everything seemed to go down well with the dedicated reggae fans getting down to the groove.

While it may have been a bit too much of the same thing for me, Guernsey’s reggae aficionados were certainly treated to a great night from The Get Down tonight and there seemed to be something of a promise that there would be more to come from The Get Down in the coming months.

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