GBG#3 Review in Gallery Magazine

The May 2012 edition of Gallery Magazine, Gluton, is out now and features, among many other great articles, my review of Twist Records and the Guernsey Arts Commission‘s new compilation album of Guernsey music, GBG#3.

You can read the magazine online (this is on page 111) or pick it up from many newsagents and shops around Guernsey for free.

The album is available in Guernsey from both Kendall’s Guitars and Musique for £10.

Or you can read my review here:

The published version cut off the final three paragraphs, so here they are:

It is local music veterans SugarSlam and The Bensons who provide the highlights here with Psychobabble and Pass The Buck respectively, but there is some promising metal from We Are The Next Evolution and From Bedroom To Backseats as well, and while these two could do with some more production work, there is clearly some talent within these bands.

Other highlights come from Tantale and Robert J Hunter with Southside Furry Animals, Speakeasy and Rawcuz Crowzz also worthy of comment.

So in all it’s a mixed bag, but I guess compilation CDs like this always will be, and, in the end, it provides a look into a vibrant music scene which Guernsey is very lucky to have and celebrates the work of many of the island’s musicians who might not otherwise get heard.

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