Three Quid Thursday: Heave, Lifejacket and Brutus Stonefist at The Fermain Tavern

Heave, courtesy of BBC Guernsey, photo by Tom Girard

So, some more stuff from a Guernsey gig, this time the evening before Good Friday 2012 – Three Quid Thursday at The Fermain Tavern.

The show featured the much-anticipated (by me at least) debut of heavy hard rock duo Heave, hard indie post-rockers Lifejacket and metal and hardcore enthusiasts Brutus Stonefist.

You can see photos from the gig through BBC Introducing Guernsey’s Facebook page.

Here’s my review from the Guernsey Press on Saturday 14th April – the headline it had was “Heave Bang The Drum” but my suggestion was “The Power of the Riff Compels Them”:


Brutus Stonefist

For more videos go here for ones from 0munkey0 (including some of Lifejacket, I was ‘dancing’ too much to get vids) and here for PlumbGsy’s videos of Heave and here for his videos of Brutus Stonefist.

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