El Scar – Drowning In Information, Starved For Knowledge

Prolific solo instrumentalist El Scar broadens his horizons with acoustic ambient metal on new ‘double A side’.

Over the last couple of years Brighton based and Guernsey born musician Marc Le Cras has been putting out self-produced albums and EPs of his own music on a relatively regular basis under the name of El Scar.

Largely instrumental, save for a few guest vocal spots from Jack Fletcher on The Human Instrumentality Project album, his work falls into a strange place of instrumental, atmospheric metal.

All grown from and inspired by El Scar’s evident love of both ‘djent’ style progressive metal and anime (and specifically Neon Genesis Evangelion), the albums and EPs he has put out so far have been a surprisingly rich and varied batch of sound (though all still clearly rooted in their genre).

For his latest, the two track Drowning in Information, Starved for Knowledge, El Scar has put down the electric guitar and picked up the acoustic, along with the usual programmed drums and other backing instrumentation.

What this has done has expand El Scar’s palate of sounds in a way that I think was needed at this stage, while still keeping a similar style and sound to the production and composition.

Even more so than on his earlier work these two tracks have the feel of a soundtrack to a hyper-futuristic sci-fi or, appropriately, anime movie.

The one thing that really struck me, though, was how short the two tracks are, on both I was left wanting more.

Both tracks begin slow and quiet before building with additional instruments to add depth to the sound. However, just as they are really getting going, at around the three to four minute mark, they end, in both cases, it seemed to me, somewhat abruptly.

While three to four minutes is a fine length for a pop song or regular piece of music for casual listening, it felt like these two pieces both had further to go and more to do and really could have become deeply engrossing pieces if they had time to expand.

It’s not often I think songs need to be longer (as a Metallica fan, recent years have often had me wishing their songs would be shorter) but in the case of Drowning in Information, Starved for Knowledge, I wanted more!

You can get hold of all of El Scar’s singles, EPs and albums via his BandCamp page.

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