BBC Introducing Guernsey: March 2012

I was back on the radio tonight with another BBC Introducing Guernsey show featuring two hours of Unsigned, Undiscovered and Under The Radar music from around the Bailiwick of Guernsey.

This month we featured a live session and interview from young musician Jack Heywood and we chatted to Mark Guillou about the Rock of Ages events he organises every winter in Guernsey.

The show is available until Wednesday 4th April on the iPlayer.


  1. Thee Jenerators — I Feel Alright Now

  2. Asylum Seekas — Walking With Beasts

  3. Gemma Honey — Faceless

  4. Lifejacket — Merrick

  5. Listen To Luna — The Saga Must Go On

  6. Jull-Z and Mike Meinke — Sexy Lady

  7. Never Means Maybe — Ziva Killed Houdini

  8. Evarane — The Fear

  9. The Doomsday Project — Tyler’s Song

  10. Jack Heywood — No Need To Worry [live]

  11. Jack Heywood — I Can’t Make You Love Me [live]

  12. Jack Heywood — I Knew Prufrock Before He Got Famous [live]

  13. Jack Heywood — Say Anything [live]

  14. Jack Heywood — 18 [live]

  15. Jack Heywood — PS Of Course I Meant It [live]

  16. Speakeasy — Love and Understanding

  17. Peter Mitchell — What You’re Doing To Me

  18. Teaspoonriverneck — Crow In The Road

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